There is an Answer to Drug Addiction

Get the right treatment for your drug addiction. We have everything you need to fight your addiction, you dont have to do it alone. Contact us today.

  • Proffessional staff
  • Covered by most insurance companies
  • Quick approval process
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100% of the cost is covered by most insurance companies

Types Of Therapy We Have

  • Cognitive behavior therapy

    Recognizing the feelings and behaviors behind the actual cause of the addiction.

  • Art and Music Therapy

    Use creativity to make art for self expression in a healthy and productive way.

  • Family Therapy

    Helping families become aware of their own needs and aid in the goal of keeping substance abuse from moving into future generations.

Client Services
  • Spiritual and Mental Therapy

    We believe that you have a much better chance of recovery when your mind and soul are healthy.

  • Exercise Therapy

    With exercise, individuals stay engaged and focused – rather than thinking about drug craving.

  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga helps individuals focus on their breath and bring awareness to the moment.

The Amenities of Our Program Include

  • Expanded living rooms

    in each facility each with a large screen television.

  • Professional Chefs

    in our detoxification center and residential facilities.

  • Lounging Areas

    Large backyards, luxury pool, hot tub and private meditation area.